McHale and Company, Inc.

Construction Management Services

102 Litchfield St., Brighton, MA 02135
617-787-2122 (office), 617-797-1129 (cell)

Company Services

McHale and Company provides construction management consulting services and is primarily staffed by its president, Timothy McHale.  The Company navigates the time and cost consequences of design and construction decisions.  It provides the services that guide the development team through the conceptual, pre-construction and construction phases of the project.  Clear and constant communication, creativity, and positive thinking are hallmarks of the Company’s management skills.  The Company excels in building great development teams.  It can facilitate any or all of the following critical path events:

  • Site selection analysis
  • Feasibility study, construction analysis
  • Hard and soft cost budgeting
  • Schematic construction estimating
  • Architect selection and contracting
  • State and city approval process
  • Design phase – schematics through contract documents
  • Fitting the final scope to the budget
  • Bidding, contractor selection and contract execution
  • Managing owner’s contractors
  • Monitoring construction activity, schedule, and budget
  • Approving requisitions and negotiating change orders
  • Project close-out and turnover
  • The Company can provide:
  • Bank representation and inspections for monthly requisitions. 
  • Capital needs assessments and construction estimating.

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McHale and Company, Inc.
Construction Management Services

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